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Friday, April 25, 2014

Art in a Tiny House

Art in a tiny house is not a common topic, but I think it’s an important subject. Now, I am no art aficionado. I’m 13. But I do find things beautiful (as most of us do). In a tiny house there is not much wall space, especially if you have lots of windows (as I do). But there is always space. So take a moment right now to find that place on your wall that is begging for a painting or picture. We all have that space, so go find yours.

Once you find the blank space, the next step is finding art. However, do not buy a painting for the sake of having something on your wall. This defeats the purpose of art. In my home, I have four pieces of art. I have my dad’s boating license:


A picture of the boat he captained:


A souvenir from my TED Talk in New Orleans:


And a melted crayon portrait:


(I have made about a thousand of these; if you would like a tutorial comment down below)

These paintings/pictures/memorabilia/souvenirs make me extremely happy every time I see them. I also think they fit perfectly into my home. There is a quote by William Morris that says, “Have nothing in your home that is neither useful nor beautiful.” I believe this is a rule to live by in a tiny house.

Just to reiterate, bigger is not always better. If you have a blank wall, you don’t need fill it up with meaningless pictures. Tell a story with your space. Size doesn't matter (hehe) so find something that makes you happy.

Tell me; do you have any pieces of art you absolutely love? Is there a picture or painting you’ve had for a long time? Tell me in the comments.


  1. I have lots of little things in my housetruck, mostly things connected to special people in my life -- a button with a photo of a friend who passed away, a stained-glass rainbow from another friend now passed, bells from my grandmother, a micro-canvas of a cat's eye, a scrap of wood painted with a Dali-inspired treehouse, a little house made of clay, an encaustic painting of a raven in flight, a little ceramic pot with some clear marbles in it that came out of a dream. Nothing's bigger than 3x3", I'd guess, so it all fits!

    1. Those sound really cool, and perfect for your home! You don't need large things to represent people who have had a big impact on your life.

  2. How appropriate to have his US Coast Guard license to remember your father by. Those who work on the waters are a special breed and they always know how to improvise when needed which is obviously a trait he passed down to you. Congrats from a retired Coast Guard officer!

    1. Thank you. My dad was a fisherman, through and through, and I love to have these things of his in my house. The window in the loft is salvaged from his fishing vessel.